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The Promise Foundation is deeply committed to systematic and scientific research. We examine aspects of the behavioural sciences that are linked to education and social and economic development. We conduct our own research to test existing theory and develop models relevant to the Indian situation. India presents a situation where the paucity of resources and urgency of need do not allow for the luxury of research that is not directly linked to application. Our attempt is to follow the action research model and the driving force behind our efforts at scientific investigation are to develop applications. Therefore, while we do believe that research must inform practice, we also have learnt that practice could lead and shape research. It is our attempt to translate relevant theory and research into applications that facilitate behavioural change amongst the economically disadvantaged.

This section presents some of the most important findings from our research over the last decade.

Please note that all these Research Papers are currently available as downloadable PDF files. You may require Adobe Acrobat Reader plug-in installed to open them.

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File name
File size
Applying Psychology for children in poverty
72 kB
Bullying and Victimisation in Childhood
11 kB
Career Counselling Needs of Immigrants
37 kB
Career Development and Socioeconomic Status
49 kB
Developing Skills Literacy
20 kB
Investigations into Career Beliefs
42 kB
Learning Skills and Career Development - Needs of boys in a Juvenile Home
26 kB
Programmes for Assisted Learning
59 kB
Multiple Potentials – a background
10 kB
Early Kannada reading
142 kB
English language attainments and learning opportunities
138 kB
Work Orientations and Responses to Career Choices: Indian Regional Survey (WORCC-IRS): Draft Report
6511 kB
Career Psychology and Career Counselling: Core concepts for a Work and Education curriculum
201 kB
Pride and Prejudice
3099 kB
Literacy for all
18 kB
Learning to read
142 kB

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