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The Promise Foundation offers training programmes in the methodologies and techniques we have developed for early childhood education, assisted learning and remedial teaching, careers education and counselling. Our training services are used by a large number of non-governmental and voluntary organisations as well as government departments in India and other developing countries. Training is entirely skill based and application oriented. All our training programmes are supported by kits and ready-to-use worksheets. This section presents a brief summary of the training courses we conduct.

Training Focus Target Group Duration Course Details
Early childhood education:
Basic Training
Helpers in anganwadis and untrained pre-school teachers 2 days
This course gives the trainee a brief introduction to four areas of development – physical, cognitive, social-emotional and language.

The trainee gains skills for conducting 10 to 15 activities in each of the developmental areas.

On completion of this course the trainee should be able to run a 2 hour ECCE programme, with a clearly circumscribed range of age-appropriate stimulation activities.
Early childhood education:
Level – 1 Training
Teachers who have completed our Basic Training or other courses in early childhood education 10 days
Trainees are introduced to basic concepts in child development with specific focus on the 3 to 6 year age group.

The curriculum covers basics in time tabling, class management, heath and nutrition and working to an annual calendar of stimulation activities.

On completion of this course, a candidate should be able to conduct a 4 to 5 hour ECCE programme, meeting minimum levels of competence of a variety and range of stimulation themes.
Early childhood education:
Level – 2 Training
Teachers who have completed up to our Level – 1 Training or other courses in early childhood education.

Educational status expected: High School / Pre-University completed
10 days
The course provides detailed inputs in child development focussing on the 3 to 6 year age group.

Skills for lesson planning, class management, ability grouping, assessment methods, record keeping, health, nutrition and communication skills.

Focus is brought to bear on skills for the dissemination of ECCE concepts to the community.

The successful candidate should be able to run a full day ECCE programme that is responsive to the individual care and stimulation needs of children
Assisted Learning and Remedial Teaching Teachers working at the primary and middle school level 2 to 10 days
This is a training programme that focuses particularly on reading failure.

Trainees are equipped with skills for identifying children who manifest difficulties with reading. Specific skills to facilitate decoding and reading comprehension are addressed.
The Reading Facilitator's Course Teachers, tutors and volunteers working at the primary and middle school level 6 to 12 days
The Reading Facilitator's course draws from The Promise Foundation's decade long reading research with pre-school and primary school children, as well as with children who underachieve or have dyslexia.
Kannada Kalika Kosha Teachers, tutors and volunteers working at the primary and middle school level, with in or out-of-school children. 6 to 12 days
Kalika Kosha is a Kannada language learning methodology for children between the age of 5 and 12 years.
Career counselling and guidance – Basic Training Teachers and youth workers involved with high school students 2 to 5 days
This training programme focuses on the basic components of career counselling: self understanding, understanding the world of work, developing career alternatives and career preparation.

Specific focus is brought to bear on skills for helping the young person link personal interests and aptitudes with career options.

Aspects of career counselling particularly relevant to disadvantaged youth such as creating a career development bridge and addressing negative career beliefs are emphasised.

Career information regarding employment based courses, scholarships and other career development supports are presented.
Careers Co-ordinator Teachers who have completed Basic Level Training in guidance and counselling.

Educational status expected: graduation, preferably in the humanities
4 months – part time
Trainees are expected to go through two contact sessions of 7 days duration each. Assignments on predefined themes are to be completed between contact sessions.

The training covers the basic skills of career counselling and equips the trainee with skills to use some of the counselling instruments we have developed.

Careers co-ordinators are trained in skills to administer our tests and conduct student workshops at their respective colleges and schools. Completed tests are sent back to our centre for scoring and report generation.

Career reports are sent back the careers co-ordinators who have been trained to interpret each report in individual sessions with participants.
Educational Counsellor Teachers and others working with children and youth; fresh graduates

Educational status expected: graduation / post graduation preferably in the humanities
2 years – part time
This is a more comprehensive 2 year training programme that leads to a Post Graduate Diploma. Training is provided at two levels:

1. Common Core Subjects and Counselling Skills: All trainees go through this level and are trained in relevant psychological theory and basic counselling skills.

2. Specialisations: Trainees specialise at the next level. Three areas of specialisation are offered:
• Special Needs Education
• Career Counselling
• Life Skills Education

Courses are offered in a modular manner during the major vacation periods. Examinations are held at the end of each module. Successful completion is required for passage into the next module.


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