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This is collection of resources on career development and livelihood planning offered by the Promise Community College, a wing of The Promise Foundation (TPF).  An objective of the Foundation is to function as a Resource Group that supports and builds the capacity of other organisations and individuals already working for children and youth.  It is through our resource creation and training programmes that we hope to see our research and models replicated on a larger scale. The Foundation now offers this experience and know how as courses that people can take up in the form certificates, diplomas, master’s degree or even at the PhD level, through the Promise Community College. 


This initiative has partnerships with a number of academic and institutional partners as well as associations and professional organisations in different parts of the world.  The various qualifications of listed above have been accredited by Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), Shillong, India.  Click here for more information about this vibrant University located in North East India:   


The Promise Community College has developed training modules addressing Career Development and Livelihood Planning (CDLP), drawing upon its expertise, knowledge and partnerships with international scholars in the field.  A total of 16 modules (each with a grouping of Units), are available ranging from the evolution and history of work, theories and core concepts, assessment methods, career information management systems to livelihood planning, career management and establishing career development services. 

These modules are focussed fundamentally on capacity building and enhancement of human resources for various dimensions of Career Development and Livelihood Planning both at the theoretical and practical levels.  Our aim is that successful candidates would be able to, apply their learnings to develop interventions and applications to benefit the intended target groups, teach others as per pre-specified qualification levels, contribute to building a deeper and wider knowledge base in these fields and be effective advocates for the promotion of these fields at the practice, research and policy levels. 

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